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With anyone can become a wireless internet provider: cafes and restaurants, hotels and airports, conference venues and beach resorts and even entire cities. out-of-the-box solution to build pay-as-you-go WiFi networks handles everything: from providing patent-pending WiFi optimization to billing. is a rapid growing network thanks to ease of deployment, low-cost maintenance, unmatched WiFi quality and multiple streams to generate revenue.

Monetize your WiFI

WiFi Monetization

Multiple revenue streams: client payments, profit sharing and advertising

Global Network

Global Network

Seamless roaming in our entire rapid growing network

Superior gaming

Superior gaming

Enjoy superior VoIP quality and gaming experience

Parental Control

Parental Control

Efficiently manage your WiFi routers to set the date/time/content restrictions

Out-of-the-box WiFi provider

Order a pre-configured router from us or install the firmware on a router yourself. Connect the router to the internet and voila! You've become a part of the global network.

As a WiFi owner you receive many benefits including a private and secure WiFi network for personal use, numerous WiFi optimizations that bring the WiFi quality to the level of Enterprise-level routers at a fraction of a cost, parental control, time management and many more. is a rapid growing network is a rapid growing network thanks to low effort deployment (internet provider out-of-the-box), various WiFi optimizations delivering HD WiFi quality services, low cost compared to Enterprise-level solutions and multiple built-in revenue streams.

Once hooked up to an access point creates a WiFi network with two SSIDs: a public network and a private secure network for personal.

WiFi users enjoy seamless roaming wherever they travel -- a new user needs to get authenticated only once. If there is coverage, the client's device will join automatically.

Experience true

We have developed numerous know-how solutions to bring the WiFi connectivity to the level of Enterprise-level routers while using cost-effective hardware. Our hardware costs 10x less while delivering unmatched WiFi connectivity and speeds.

We achieve this using our patent-pending algorithms for Upstream and radio-channel optimizaiton, seamless roaming and using decentralized cloud-based controller.

Monetize your WiFi is a leading solution to commercialize public WiFi networks. network provides lucrative business opportunities for commercializing your WiFi network:

  • up to 70% revenue share from paid subscriptions
  • up to 20% profit share where we re-distribute 20% our revenue between all active participants
  • revenue from advertising

Use cases

Home Users

  • Internet bandwidth monetization: profit sharing from payments
  • UPSTREAM channel optimization: lag minimization in online games, high-quality VOIP and IPTV
  • WiFi quality optimization
  • Content filtering, anti-phishing and parental control on selected devices

Company offices

  • Upstream channel optimization: improved VOIP quality
  • WiFi cost reductions
  • Secure private network
  • Filtering of botnet attacks and time management
  • Free guest access with SMS authorisation

Public places

  • Free guest access with SMS authorisation
  • Reduced network deployment costs
  • Predictive radio-planning and WiFi network layout design
  • User analysis (heat map location, device detection, etc.)

Mobile operators

Offloading mobile internet traffic through the global network.

Franchisee is a unique solution on the market to commercialize WiFi networks while delivering unmatched WiFi quality. This ensures a quick return on investment. We offer a number of out-of-the-box franchiser packages to quickly and easily deploy an Enterprise-level wireless network with multiple built-in mechanisms to generate revenue. Contact us to learn more!


  • What payment types are accepted from paid clients?

    We rely on Stripe online payment system which accepts virtually any payment type including all major credit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, Alipay and most other global and local payment types.

  • What is the maximum revenue do I get when joining

    Our premium partners earn up to 70% from all payments. Additionally, to ensure rapid coverage growth we redistribute up to 20% of profit among all active access point owners. Finally, users connecting to using free access are shown video ads and banners -- he we share 70% of the revenue.

  • How do you authenticate users connecting to

    We use SMS identification which is the most reliable way to authenticate users accessing a WiFi network and is required by law in EU and most other countries.

  • Is it possible to aquire white label?

    Please contact to us directly to discuss exclusive rights to deploy in your region and conditions of purchasing a white label.

  • Is it possible to provide only free access using network

    Absolutely! Even though we have integrated multiple revenue streams to allow our partners to quickly commercialize their WiFi network investemnts, we strive for building a truly global network where users enjoy HD quality WiFi and other benefits.

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